• Kalina SW

    The new generation


    It catches the eye. You can park it on a "dime". Drive it where others can't. Go on a trip with friends.

    Bring trunk full of groceries... To solve thousands of problems there is your faithful assistant, a compact and convenient city car LADA Kalina.

    With all the advantages of its predecessor our new Kalina is more stylish, comfortable and safe.



    If you look at the new Kalina from different angles: the front or the side view in the showroom, top view from your window, from afar, finding it instantly at the big supermarket parking lot, - from any angle the new design catches the eye. Kalina has a sweeping appearance thanks to the new body design.

    An elevated front with high mounted faceted head lights, prominent wheel rims and bumpers... Thanks to all these the vehicle seems bigger and "muscular". This impression is not deceptive - LADA Kalina became more powerful and more reliable.



    LADA Kalina is driver- and passenger friendly. Doors that open wide and big door frame allow for a comfortable boarding.

    LADA Kalina gives a feeling of cosiness with its comfortable seats and space over the head.

    The ergonomics of driver's seat follows European standards: clear and logical organization of controls, the vehicle is a high-rider. Big mirrors together with low rails provide an excellent observability.

    Bold and at the same time soft lines of the dashboard, multimedia with a 7-inch screen and buttons, a pleasant light green interior light - Kalina's interior combines comfort with original design.

    Everything is agreeable to the touch in the new Kalina's interior. The wheel has an optimized rim section and special bosses at the grip. The climate in the vehicle is adjusted with a minimal effort thanks to big and comfortable knobs.

    Kalina's "family traits" are soft and comfortable front seats with wide range of lengthwise seat adjustments, a person of any height will be comfortable there.

    As we know, excellent acoustics is one of the main requirements of a modern driver. To satisfy our clients' wishes, we improved the vibroacoustics in the body, cabin and power train.



    The new Kalina features a drawer for small things in the upper part of the center console (in "standard" and "norm" configurations) A bigger glove compartment with a shelf for smaller things and a pen holder. Two cup holders and two compartments in the floor tunnel lining.

    The lining of the handbrake has a folding cup holder for the passengers sitting at the back.

    A liquid crystal display has a prompter for gear change on the dashboard.

    A multimedia system with hands free function.

    An electric circulation air flap.

    New colors are used to design the cabin: the main color is black or gray, with black or silver inserts depending on the grade of the vehicle.

    New supporting elements for the parcel shelf which makes the loading space bigger.


    The new LADA Kalina follows all the current European and Russian safety standards and even more. It features:

    • An airbag for the driver, starting with the most accessible "standard" configuration.
    • An ABS with Emergency Brake Assist on all vehicles, starting with the "norm" configuration.
    • An Electronic Stability Control (a luxury grade), a system that stabilizes the road holding ability (a modern solution by Bosch). In the case of understeer or oversteer the system controls each wheel separately, and realigns the vehicle's position.
    • Daytime running lights in the headlights.
    • Side door impact bars.
    • The body shell made with high-strength steel.
    • A driver's safety belt reminder.
    • The back seats head rest have an L-shape - they can be folded to improve the vision.
    • Multimedia lowers the music volume at back run.



    We renewed the range of power packs and modernized the car frame, and it's been more fun to drive the new LADA Kalina now.

    For the lovers of "mechanics" we designed a new shift stick with cables: the precision and the feedback from gear shifting have the same quality as the best European prototypes. Nevertheless the new LADA Kalina is capable of making you doubt your love for the shift stick - thanks to the Japanese automatic transmission, which has additional driver's settings. Out Kalina with automatic transmission can drive slowly, economically, but also can leave the city traffic behind.

    You can choose a vehicle according to your driving style, thanks to the range of engines with 87 and 98 horsepower. All engines have a lightweight connecting rod and piston group, which improves their power and durability.

    A new suspender improved the driving steering response, stability and comfort. The driving feedback improved thanks to the 25% increasing in steering stiffness. We know the roads that our new LADA Kalina will be driving. With new sports features, Kalina's cross-country performance hasn't changed. It still has crossover clearance and a strong rock-solid suspender.