• Granta liftback


    When all cars look the same... when you strive to see a unique style... when you realize that an accessible and a practical car can be beautiful... when you want something new... It's time for LADA Granta liftback!

    A dynamic style and a voluminous trunk - this is a new combination for LADA! At the same time we kept the "family traits" of LADA Granta - its affordable price, its spacious cabin and the crossover's ground clearance.


    When the design is more important than the price

    Its dynamic style makes liftback Granta an example of a new standard of people's car.

    It features: The classical attributes of a fast-speed car: a fastback, an ascending belt rail... Original bumpers, rear lamps have a horizontal format, new mirrors - all these create a new sports "muscular" image. As usually with LADA vehicles, the style is entirely functional. An original shape of the fifth door allows for good aerodynamic properties and a minimal dirt retention on the rear window.


    When driving is like a holiday

    When on holidays, - active recreation, when driving, - driving with passion! LADA Granta suspension has new settings, which together with a shortened steering rack makes driving a pleasure and reassures in difficult road conditions.

    Modern steering response, powerful suspension and truly Russian off-road capacity - liftback LADA Granta is ready for everyday trips and discoveries of new places.


    When you don't want to leave the car

    Its spacious cabin and soft seats are "family" traits of Granta vehicles. A powerful climate system makes it comfortable in all seasons. Modern transmission, both automatic and shift stick, provides for comfortable steering. Thanks to the electronic gas pedal the start and gear shifting are smooth, which is especially appreciated by beginning drivers.

    • A multimedia system with sensory control: modern functions and a convenient interface;
    • Several shelves and containers for small objects: your car is as cozy as your home;
    • An effective ventilation and heating system, with a low noise-level ventilator;
    • New engine mounting, an improved sound insulation package and a more solid interior improve the acoustic comfort;
    • Big exterior mirrors provide a perfect observability;
    • Gear shift cable: a high precision in gear shifting and low vibration level;
    • Automatic transmission: has a sensitive setting and a softer gear shift;
    • Air ducts to the back seats passengers - LADA knows how to take care of your companions.


    When you trust your vehicle

    The load-bearing unit body is digital, the safety systems were created in cooperation with international partners. Liftback LADA Granta fully meets the European requirements for the safety of a driver, passengers and pedestrians.

    • ESC with Anti-slip control;
    • An airbag for the driver and front seat passenger;
    • Front passengers' seat belts with pretension;
    • The back seat head rest is L-shaped (3 pieces);
    • A driver's safety belt reminder;
    • Three-point seat belts for the rear-seat passengers;
    • ISOFIX fittings to attach baby car seat to the car;
    • Impact bars in 4 doors;
    • Absorbing safety inserts in the front doors;
    • Ventilated brake plates.


    When you just take a seat and drive

    A people's car has to be solid and durable. To build liftback LADA Granta zinc-galvanized steel was used (underbody, splash guards and side bars), as well as high-strength steel (vehicle bearing frame).

    New LADA is ready to all types of roads with its polyglass prime coat with increased resistance to chips, and its black trim ring of the front skirt.

    • An original cooling system is 15% more effective;
    • The anti-chip coating of the underbody is sturdy and durable;
    • The hidden cavities of the carbody are finished with rust-proofing agent;
    • The exhaust silencer is made of non-corrosive steel;
    • The vehicle electrical features Can-tire, which improves the reliability and the response speed of the systems;
    • Engine pistons have graphite coating, which excludes rubbings from cold start;
    • Daytime running lights not only economize 200 ml of gas for every 100 km, but also improve the power balance of the vehicle, and prolong the lifespan of lighting.