• Review Priora sedan



    A concise, simple, but recognizable style of LADA Priora talks about the status of its owner. This is the style of successful people who know what they want in life.

    It is a conservative style, which uses only the most elegant modern ideas.

    A colorful lighting, an original honeycomb pattern of the radiator grill and its chrome-plated trim, - all create a recognizable image of a modern dynamic vehicle.

    The rear bumper of LADA Priora became more stylish and functional. Its lower part, which gets muddy and dented fast, is pulp colored black, and its upper part is still the color of the cabin.

    This achieves an effect of a designer choice: the black line goes all the way round the lower part of the vehicle (the front bumper, the trim of the floor threshold, the rear bumper).

    An innovative material soft-look used for the dashboard and the door lining transforms the interior of LADA Priora.

    The door lining has a specially designed for Priora vehicles new embossed effect "taiga".

    Black clear coat is a trend in modern automobile fashion.

    Small but visible chrome speckles emphasize the status of its owner.



    LADA Priora is equipped with modern safety systems in order for the vehicle to be controllable in all road conditions, and for a maximum safety of its driver and passengers.

    The daytime running lights make the vehicle always noticeable. The turning on and off is automatic at the ignition.

    The LED rear clearance and stop signals are brighter and faster.

    Reinforced doors impact bars improve the cabin frame strength.

    The front seats have reinforced frames.

    It features driver and passenger side airbags.

    Foam material linings between the bumper and the cabin absorb the energy more effectively in the case of the rear-end collision.

    The vehicle features a system that stabilizes the road holding ability: a speed car has to follow European safety standards.

    The cabin frame follows the norm of EuroNCap program.

    An ABS with Emergency Brake Assist. In case of emergency braking the pressure goes up and ABS activates.

    Fast and safe ISOFIX fittings to attach baby car seat to the car.



    LADA Priora is comfortable in the city and on the roads with uneven road pavement; it warms you when it's cold and refreshes when it's hot.

    Can the design that has been tested for years be improved? It can, after thousands of owners are polled, and millions of kilometers are run during testing in real conditions.

    The front seats became more textured, and any ride becomes a pleasure.

    The settings precision is improved and tall drivers are more comfortable with a new mechanism of seat adjustment.

    The mechanisms and lining of the doors, the head rests, the central arm rest, and the engine mount, - more than a dozen elements in LADA Priora were modernized in order to improve its acoustic comfort.

    The new dashboard has become clearer.

    A modernized gear shift cable: the vibration level is lowered, and the gear shifting precision has dramatically improved.

    A system that stabilizes the road holding ability supports an optimized and comfortable driving, both on the road and in the city.



    that LADA Priora with an automatic mechanical shift stick gives you. The vehicle can be "automatic", and follow any driving style, from dynamic to conservative.

    The driver can also choose to drive with a "manually", and then the shift stick will follow the rhythm. A quick high speed start, engine braking, - automatic transmission supports all functions adding a new level of comfort to them.

    With an automatic transmission you use only two pedals. It is convenient, and it means a low level of gas consumption. It also gives a special feeling, as if you were driving with a very good driver, smoothly shifting gears.


    With an improved aerodynamics of the rear bumper, the rear park system actuators stay clear longer.

    An LCD display has the same touch control as smartphones. It functions both as a multimedia system and a Cyrillic on-board computer.

    The understeering switches have a new design and a programming option for "cruise-control" and "speed limitation".

    The front seat heating switches allow you to choose between three levels of heating.

    The vehicle features courtesy light.

    A climate system control unit is adjusted with high precision and minimal effort thanks to hand levers.

    The rain sensor turns on the wipers automatically. It is a convenient function when it rains, and also when neighboring cars slush your vehicle.

    Exterior mirrors have a wide baffle surface and LED indicator lamps.

    A remote control for the trunk lid or door.

    An internal exit light.

    A starting heater - as an option for northern regions - improves the engine life, lowers gas consumption, and makes the driver's life easier.


    With both interior and exterior renovated, LADA Priora was given a modernized 106 hp engine with a new induction system.

    Inertia supercharging technology improves the acceleration dynamics and engine resiliency, thus providing a comfortable starting and maneuvering in the city. The gas consumption stays low.

    The lovers of fast driving will appreciate a more powerful electromechanical amplifier and a steering mechanism with a shortened ratio (3.1 instead of 3.9).

    LADA Priora suspension received new elastic compression buffers which resemble the understructure assembled in Europe.