• Vesta sw cross

    LADA Vesta SW Cross – looks the biggest in the family; and this vehicle is really powerful, high, durable. Increased clearance, off-road body kit, 17-inch wheels emphasize the SW Cross ingenuity, capacity to execute the most stringent tasks.
    • EXTERIOR ELEMENTS: the maximum set of details emphasizing the vehicle style, comfort and extraordinary road performance. The permanent detail of the Cross version is the protective body kit. Integrated roof rails, air spoiler, and «shark fin» antenna – these are the SW family components which look the most advantageous on the Cross vehicles.

    • AUDIO SYSTEM: multimedia system with controls on the steering wheel is the package of functions helping to get confidently oriented on the road and to create the necessary mood for each ride: route guidance, Bluetooth, HandsFree, USB AUX, 4 loudspeakers + 2 high-frequency loudspeakers.

    • CLIMATE: climate control with function of glass fast defrosting and the set temperature maintenance – high efficiency, user-friendly indication of modes. Electric heating of windscreen, mirrors, front seats – LADA Vesta SW helps forming of the microclimate as comfortable as possible.

    • WHEEL DISCS: 17-inch light-alloy wheel discs increase the LADA Vesta SW Cross off-road capacity and shape the appearance of the large and reliable vehicle.


    • Heating of seats: three heating steps to ensure maximum comfort.
    • Climate control with function of the set temperature maintenance.
    • Heating of windscreen: perfect system for latitudes with half-year winter.
    • Electric control and heating of side mirrors: essential function for control over the road.
    • Rain and luminance sensors: the vehicle fast reaction to change of conditions.
    • Steering post is height and reach adjustable: comfort for drivers of any height and proportions.
    • Driver’ seat with height adjustment and lumber support: possibility to adjust the vehicle as you see fit.
    • The controls indicators and symbols have white backlight optimum for perception.
    • Cooled glove box 14 l.
    • On-board computer allowing to track fuel consumption, to define time and mean travelling speed and other parameters.
    • Steering wheel with multimedia control and cruise control keys.
    • USB and AUX connectors in the front part of floor tunnel, in the mobile phone well.
    • Buzzer of engaged parking brake – goes on at the beginning of driving.
    • Cruise control with speed limiter function: necessary both in city and in the country.
    • Rear seat cushion heating. Care for a passenger is decency.
    • Central armrest with box and USB connector to charge the gadget.
    • Rear seat armrest with glass holders.


    Run up the steps off the reel, feeling the legs muscles spring. Put the hand in the glove feeling the suede surrounds the fingers softly and snugly.

    Having become one with the vehicle, easily manoeuvre among mobile and fixed obstacles... Sometimes I think I live in future where the vehicle «brains» and the human neurons connect at the instant of ignition key turning.


    Top-class equipment means my best results in sports. Convenient tool means quality and pleasure from creation.

    A comfortable vehicle means dreamy waiting for each ride. Full-scale life means correct choice of things, emotions, feelings.